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Karma is a unique score based on your on-chain and off-chain activities,
granting you exclusive access to products, perks and more.

Boundless Community Leveling, Summoned

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What's Karma?

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What's Karma?

Karma is a scoring mechanism devoted to recognise, rank and reward most active users of the community. Brahma’s Karma computes a comprehensive score based on every user’s on-chain and off-chain activities. And that’s all the secret that can be let out.

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The nature of Karma

Your karma scales tip between your on-chain and off-chain efforts

On-Chain Activity

Karma makes sense of your on-chain activity to define your community score.

Brahma fetches multi-chain Karma vis-a-vis Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche.

Social activity

Karma figured a way to capture your social community efforts off-chain.

Participate actively, help a fellow degen out and do the right thing. Karma will take it from there.

No effort is ever lost

Preach the way of Karma. Explore your position on the leaderboard, unlock and
collect achievements. Karma redeemables coming soon.

Coming soon


How is Karma Calculated?

Karma attainment parameters happens to be DeFi’s most guarded secret.

An amalgamation of on-chain and off-chain factors are monitored, ranked and calculated to reach your unique Karma score and rank.

Is Karma an airdrop token?

Brahma does not endorse free airdrops of any kind. Hence, beware of spam.

Karma is simply a community score and is currently not redeemable or exchangeable for tokens/fiat money.

But then again, tokenomics are currently being structured and compounding good karma never hurts, anon.

How do I improve my Karma?

The Karma system is designed to be faceless and fair. The Karma scales can tip in your favour and are directly proportional to your activity within the community.

Help a fellow degen out, participate in discussions, improve your DeFi IQ and read between the lines. Decipher good and bad Karma irl and reciprocate.

What will Karma v2.1 update include?

Access to more redeemable badges and bounties.

Smoother UI experience

Roadmap of upcoming events and merch drop timelines.



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